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January 17, 2007


leda Perry

Funny! Just last night my sons and I were looking at some of the menu items online at the White Swan Hotel...I'm sure that some of these are VERY good, but to a 8 yo and and a 12 yo, it's quite different sounding...

they could not stop giggling over the following items:

Roasted Suckling Pig Sliced with Meat Platter
Stewed sliced conch & goose¡¯s web with Greens
Thicken soup of shark¡¯s fin with seafood
Sweeten Red Bean with Glutinous Balls
Poached pork Knuckle¡±German style¡±
Thick soup of fish maw with chicken
Stewed Ox-tail Korean style
Stewed Goose¡¯s Web & conch with fish maw
Braised lotus root with green bean
Double-boiled turtle soup with herb
Fried fish paste with special sauce

and their favorite!!
Fried-simmered fungus with Vegetable


I will say, our trip to China was just amazing... we had a few days in Bejing before we travelled to Nanchang to meet our daughter... we had our boys with us and seeing the Great Wall and just getting into the crazy rhythm of the country and also taking the time to celebrate the change that was going to happen withing our family was such a special gift... corny but true!

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